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Back in 1915, with starting point the area of Chania in Crete a small family business made its first step in trading Greek Olive Oil. The vision of Christos Stavrianoudakis was to Let every people on earth taste one of the greatest products of Greece, The Olive Oil.

Driven by the ambition of one man we passionately work to provide our clients with the best quality of Greek Olive Oil.

Through the years Inoe Ltd achieved great progress in its goals and ambitions. In 1988, was the first company to lunch the use of glass bottles for Olive Oil in the Greek market, an institution that was rapidly established by the majority of Greek companies. In 1990, Inoe Ltd started its first exporting activities in the United Kingdom and until today is one of the lead exporters of Greek Olive Oil with clients in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Our strategic goal is to continue providing to our clients the best quality of our final products either branded or in private label while following the quality standards set by the European Union Quality Assurance.

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